Thursday, March 31, 2016

Almost forgot -- yesterday was "meet the teachers" day


Yesterday, we took the girl to meet her new teachers. She was nervous, I think, but sat through it and answered the teachers' questions as best as she could. We met two special ed teachers -- she'll be going for math and Japanese to their class, but will spend the rest of the time with the other sixth graders. Lucky girl gets to go to Sado Island for her class trip!

The teachers were so kind -- they smiled constantly, asked her a lot of questions in a kindly way, found out about her previous school and tried their best to make her feel welcome and comfortable. They showed pictures of the other children in the special ed class (there are 8 per class -- all grades).  They brought in other teachers who had other information for us (lots of paperwork for the hubster) and those teachers were also kind and one of them knew some of the girl's teachers from the previous school, so mentioned that connection.

We had a short tour of the classrooms and that was all. I'll be taking her to school the first day, but unfortunately have to miss her entrance ceremony, because I have to read out students' names at my uni's entrance ceremony on the same day at the same time. I will absolutely not miss her JHS entrance next year, come hell or high water!

Such nice teachers! Brought tears to my eyes -- I know she'll be in good hands.

On another note while walking in the hall, they asked how hubster and I met -- now all the teachers know... ah well.

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