Sunday, September 4, 2016

additions to the fam

We got kitties!

Thanks to the quick work of Animal Friends Japan, we are now the happy family of Stripe and Shiro, a brother and sister of 5-month-old friendly cuties! The kids are wild about them and were more interested in the cats than the TV or their video games! Now, all the rooms, except the tatami rooms, are open so that the cats can explore. They were hanging out under the bed in my boy's room, but Stripe just came down, visited the kitty loo, and paid me a quick visit.

After several sleepless nights, I went to Dr. K. and got some Paxil, because the Solanax, while helpful, is a short-term solution and I had to accept that I needed something stronger and longer-lasting, He gave me the lowest dose he could (10 mg) and although warned of nausea, happily I am not having problems. It will take 2 weeks to a month for the meds to kick in, so I'm still taking the Solanax until that happens. I feel a lot better than I have in a long time and can deal with daily stresses and feel hopeful -- I haven't felt this good in a while!

The kids are great and things are going fairly smoothly. Everyone seems to be getting closer. My girl moved her toothbrush and toothpaste to the downstairs bathroom, which everyone uses -- before that she'd been the only one using the upstairs sink. She is showing her sweet side and taking more direction from me than before. I feel a lot better. She and my husband still get into rows -- he is quick to get annoyed and doesn't ask the kids to do things in a way that would make it easier to get compliance. Ah well. I've told him, but that's his way.

My boy has been creeping into our bed at night and for two nights in a row, she snuggled up to me, which he had NEVER done before. Bliss!

It's our 19th wedding anniversary today!

Thank you all for your love and support on our journey! Couldn't do it without you!


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